Sustainability, the Smart way.

Smart Options is one in shaping a sustainable future. Our company attributes corporate success to our commitment to operating responsibly, acting with integrity, and taking steps to improve society.

From building meaningful partnerships to thriving communities, Smart Options is committed to fulfilling its Sustainable Development Goals.

Engaging growth with more goodness
and a greener outlook.

As we take bigger strides toward a better tomorrow, our goal is to cultivate Smart Options’ trade expertise with ample care for the health of the environments and human communities wherein we operate.

Smart Options will continue working towards better working and living conditions, eco-friendly practices, and sustainable growth.

Nurturing hope in Filipino families.

In 2015 and 2016, Smart Options Industrial Supplies partnered with Habitat for Humanity by promoting 3M products to its customers in support of the organization’s charitable causes.

The Company encouraged customers to purchase participating products and donated a portion of the price to Habitat for Humanity to help numerous indigent Filipinos with one life’s most basic necessities — having a decent shelter.

By this activity and with the help of Habitat for Humanity, we hope to inspire other companies, particularly our own clients, to do their part and, in even the smallest of ways, help improve the lives of less-fortunate Filipinos.

Togetherness in achieving a better future.